The Dude (joevideo) wrote in ujournal,
The Dude

an official email finally

OK, at least I know it's somewhat official:

-----Original Message-----
From: Brandon Thomas
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 6:18 PM
Subject: Re: ujournal question

We are sorry, but uJournal has been temporarly shut down because of a
failed CPU fan in one of the servers. We have orderd a replacement
(CPU and fan) and will have everything up and running as soon as
possible. We realize some journal entries were missing earlier. These
entries WILL BE recovered. Thank you for your understanding.

uJournal Staff

You know even if this is a community-for-the-community type of website, not a company or profit maker or anything, why are the responses taking weeks to come in from "ujounal staff"? surely there's a database somewhere with all of their user's email addresses or something, or a redirect for the main web site to a static html page that explains the problem in a more timely fashion, and an estimated date. i mean seriously what company allows a cpu fan to take them down for weeks at a time??

there i go again...
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